Welcome to Premiumgunsonline.com! 

   After a few years of frustration selling guns online it was decided that we could develop a better and easier gun marketplace.  It was our mission to create the best and easiest to use online gun Web site for gun buyers to buy and their guns online. With the invaluable input and assistance of our long term gun friends, we have developed Premiumgunsonline.com for both Gun Lovers and Collectors to buy their guns easily and cost effective.  We stand ready, willing and able to assist you, no surprises and no radical changes. The most inexperienced internet user can be comfortable with the site and be able to step into buying or selling guns online without difficulty.  This is why our motto is “Bringing Gun Buyers together, the Easy Way”.

Purchasing a gun online is really, very easy. We have sold thousands online since creating Premiumgunsonline.com back in 2003.

There are only three simple steps

  1. Find the gun you want You pay us directly for the firearm. (Click HERE for payment options)
  2. Choose your FFL dealer (Federal Firearms License): We cannot ship a gun direct to you, we do ship to the local FFL dealer of your choice. Any legitimate gun store or gun dealer has an FFL license; pawn shops and collectors may also have them.
  3. Pick up your gun: Inspect your gun before accepting the transfer. Upon inspection of your gun if you find any defects leave the gun at the dealer and alert us right away. We will have it picked up for free and offer you an exchange or refund at no cost.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.   We are not sensitive and will consider all ideas.   We value you as a customer.  There are no stupid questions, if you are lost or need help please contact us.

Thank you for using Premiumgunsonline.com,
Want to get started?  Buyers use our quick search at the top left of the website or simply click on the category(s) from the home page that interest you to see the guns for sale.  Click on a gun listing in the category that interests you.  If it’s the one you want…simply call the phone number or fill in the Contact  form to contact us direct.  Click here to get started  Premiumgunsonline.com