It was our mission to create the best and easiest to use online gun Web site for gun buyers to buy their guns online. With the invaluable input and assistance of our long term gun friends, we have developed Premiumgunsonline.com for both Gun Lovers and Collectors to buy their guns easily and cost effective. we stand ready, willing and able to assist you, no surprises and no radical changes. Buying Gun Online

Selecting A Firearm For Gaming And Home Safety.

Firearms for How You Live

You love to hit the target. You value protecting your home and the people in it. You understand the meaning of what makes a truly great firearm. premiumgunsonline.com is a best-fit online shop for the pistols, rifles, shotguns and ammunition you need for your concealed-carry, home-defense, self-defense and competition shooting lifestyle. Pack something that brings true heat.

The way we see it, everyone should have the right and the means to shoot. That’s why we build so much value into our products. It’s not about cutting corners to make a less expensive gun. It’s about delivering performance at a price that makes shooting affordable.


Premiumgunsonline.com brings you This rifle fires pistol calibers — either 9mm or .40 S&W rounds. Unfolded, the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 measures in at 30.5 inches (with a 16-inch barrel); folded, the gun shrinks down to an impressively small 16.25 inches. Weighing in at only 4.25 pounds, the gun easily fits into a standard backpack. While the gun’s straight blow-back system means it has higher recoil than most, the 16-inch barrel guarantees accuracy. The heavier rounds mean you can take down small to midsize animals in hunting situations while being sufficiently lethal for self-defense scenarios as well. Equipped with M-LOK accessory slots, you can attach further accessories.


Are you looking for the best home defense handgun at a fair price? You can’t go wrong with any of the powerful guns on our list Premiumgunsonline.com brings you only the best. browse our categories and select  the gun you want to add to your collections or as a new owner .


Just about all of us have a shotgun or three in the gun safe. These versatile firearms work well for many situations and are a great tool for home defense and hunting. We all have our favorite shotguns and the reasons why we like them are even more varied.

Sound Suppressors.

This year-to-date list of our best rifle, handguns, and shotguns suppressor sellers Premiumgunsonline.com is here to guide you through the silencer waters. Whether you’re a new buyer, or you’re looking to add to your collection, we will give you a starting block to fuel your silencer needs.

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Rifle, firearm with a rifled bore—i.e., having shallow spiral grooves cut inside the barrel to impart a spin to the projectile, thus stabilizing it in flight. A rifled barrel imparts much greater accuracy to a projectile, as compared with a smoothbore barrel. The name rifle, most often applied to a weapon fired from the shoulder, may also denote a crew-served weapon such as a rifled cannon or recoilless rifle. Although field guns, pistols, and machine guns have rifled barrels, they are not normally referred to as rifles



Weapons are chosen according to the particular game being sought. For big game, high-powered rifles are used except that in some areas regulations for deer require the use of a shotgun firing a slug. Shotguns are used for shooting waterfowl and other game birds and most small animals, although squirrel hunters prefer a .22 caliber rifle.

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Excellent in every area.  Spoke with salesperson before placing order online.  Salesperson was very helpful and treated me like a valued customer.  Online order process was very easy.  Shipping was exceptionally quick.  Price was the lowest of any online retailer.  I highly recommend this store.

David . W
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I ask to be notified when a gun came in stock. It was prompt service and I received the gun in a few days. The service was great and I will order from Premiumgunsonline again.”

Max Smith

Great purchases recently and the shipping timeframe was excellent. Tracking information was very timely and right on point even with what we are going through right now. Would definitely recommend and will not be my last order”

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“I place my order on memorial day weekend and it took less than a week to receive what I order, this is the first time I bought a weapon on line and it was a good experience I’ll do it again.”

William hilly
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My first time purchasing through Premiumgunsonline.com was outstanding.  Price was the most competitive and shipping was very quick.  Constant communication during the process and my FFL received the firearm as promised on the anticipated delivery date.  Overall, excellent experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase through this site again.

Douglas . S
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Fast response from Premiumgunsonline.com excellent communication with their representative. Fast delivery and my new firearm was in perfect condition. Very satisfied with the process and would definitely be doing more business with Premiumgunsonline.com in the future.

Joseph Stalk

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