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LIGHTWEIGHT BIG BORE PERFORMANCE Building upon the groundbreaking design of the original TITAN silencer, the AAC TiTAN-QD raises the bar even further with a 90-tooth Ratchet-Mount™ and titanium construction that drops its weight by almost 50%.  The AAC TiTAN-QD features a patent-pending monolithic Hyposone™ baffle module and is assembled via fully CNC automated fusion welding. […]


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Until the mid-1840s most pistols were single-shot muzzle-loaders fired by wheel lock, flintlock, and percussion ignition systems. In 1835 king Colt patented the first successful percussion revolver. In the frame of this weapon was a revolving cylinder drilled with several chambers (usually five or six), into which powder and ball (or combustible paper cartridges containing powder and ball) were […]

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